What are the Benefits of Product Portfolio Management?

What are the Benefits of Portfolio Management?

Picking the right projects is critical and complex, which means you need the right tools. Portfolio Management is about choosing the right projects, and getting them right.

When implemented properly, Portfolio Management enables you to objectively select resources, manage risk and maximise the return on your projects:

  • Maximize long term value
  • Align projects to strategy
  • Optimize value vs risk
  • Visualize entire portfolio
  • See and adjust balance
  • Shape future market focus
  • Allocate resources effectively

Why is Portfolio Management so Important?

A study by A.C Nielsen reveals that best results come from companies who use an idea-to-launch system that features rigorous stages, gates and gatekeepers. These systems incorporate critical success drivers and best practices to accelerate their efforts and improve product success rates.

According to Dr. Robert G. Cooper in his book ‘Winning at New Products’, companies without an effective Portfolio Management system face many problems. These include:


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