Financial Tracking

Integrated P&L forecasting and tracking

Track actuals
Plan/budget vs actual
Monitor variance
Import from ERP
Drill down to detail
Explore trends
Analyse history trail
Improve organisational learning
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Monitor financial performance and track variances

GenSight also tracks actual project costs and financials, which can be imported from enterprise accounting or ERP systems such as SAP. An interfacing suite in GenSight handles the import. The tracking functions include comparison of forecast vs actuals, with reporting functions and graphical outputs to show variance.

GenSight has integrated P&L forecasting and tracking


Track financials


You can also use the history trail features in GenSight to explore how financial forecasts have been revised through the life of a project – it’s a valuable learning process that helps improve the realism and accuracy of financial forecasts going forward. If you want, you can even drill down and data mine to explore patterns and trends on which project managers or businesses tend to be more accurate and those that perhaps over or under estimate. Organisation feedback – drives organisation learning – drives improved performance. Measure it, manage it.

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Financial Tracking


Financial Tracking

Monitor performance and report on financial variance

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